019. Walker

tldr: not christopher nor the mobility aid

I’ve started taking active steps to achieve some of those goals! Well, one of them. I decided that I’d start walking more, and have gotten my first pair of tennis shoes in *maybe* 7 years ish. [I’m more of a high tops person, but you can’t wear nice high tops to a dirt track.]

A run down of my thought process this morning as I walked around in laps:

  • 1 lap down. Every lap is a quarter mile. 105 laps makes a marathon. And yet, my shins are hurting after one.
  • Half a mile down. Apparently it takes ten minutes to walk half of a mile. At this rate, 20 minutes a mile, 520 minutes to walk a marathon, which is just under 9 hours. Not terrible?
  • .75 miles down. I need to change playlists. My playlist with a roller skating aesthetic is too fast for my speed. Somehow the correct speed corresponds to my Dark Academia one [old paper, ink wells, candle lit study sessions, cardigans from thrift shops].
  • 4 laps down. 101 to a marathon, a prime number. Oh! And 4 laps is a mile. If a 5k was measured in feet, I’d have completed one by now. Sadly, they are not.
  • 1.25 miles down. One of the teachers at my high school walks the same track as I do. He is able to work up a sweat, which, makes sense. But still. He asked the question we are all wondering: “any plans for fall?” A question to ponder for the next four laps.
  • 1.5 miles down. Took me 30 minutes. According to google, if I can walk 1.5 in 30, my next goal should be to do 2 in the same amount of time. I like this goal, but am only slightly bothered that it won’t be a nice round half mile in 10 minutes.
  • 1.75 miles down. I think I should run the next lap before I head to the car.
  • 8 laps down. I shouldn’t have ran that last lap, but it was definitely faster. I think I could do this again. I need to bring a water bottle next time.

1 goal of 18 on track to be done by 19. Granted, this is a goal I should strive for every year. But have to start at sometime. In other news, when walking by myself with headphones in, I think way too much about numbers. Now just to not feel the urge to get a German Chocolate Frost from Dutch Bros immediately afterwards.


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Hi- my name is Paige Alexandria Bright. I am a rising junior at MIT interested in mathematics and philosophy. I have been writing this blog since the beginning of COVID. Lets see where this goes.

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