088. 18.S190 Pt.2

tldr: lecture videos go brr

Post #22 on MITAdmissions.

This is an (albeit short) update of this post from a while back.

There are few projects I have worked on at MIT that have truly defined my time here thus far. So far on the blogs, I have written about two of them: the MIT Monologues and a class I developed and taught: 18.S190. I plan to write about a few more of these projects over the summer, but I wanted to give a short update about 18.S190!

Just this last week, lecture videos for this course have come out on MIT OpenCourseWare, right here! I believe that lecture videos are an important part of accessibility when it comes to education– accessibility heightened by the incredible work from OCW. These lecture videos even include subtitled/dubbing in Spanish and Portuguese!

I am really proud of the work here, and I hope you find it interesting too. Look at some of the cool things you can do while at MIT! I would’ve never thought I could do something like this in high school, and here we are.

Oh and one last thing– in my post about IAP plans, I threw out the idea of posting outfits I wore while teaching, an idea which was endorsed by a commentor on that post. So here ya go, here are some of my favorite screenshots from the lectures + the outfits I wore during them.

(For the photos, see the MITAdmissions post)

P.S.: Why do I look like I’m giving a TedTalk in each of these screenshots lmao

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