048. 10 Things to do During Finals Week

tldr: stress at least a little. don’t stress a bit more.

Whether it be 33 or 2 hours before your one and only chemistry exam, here is a list of ten things you can do. Perhaps I should get a job at Buzzfeed.

  1. Study.
    Perhaps at least, a little bit. Last thing you would want is a panic attack looking at the questions asked, wondering when in the world we talked about something called the CFSE (Crystal Field Stabilization Energy), or whether you subtracted the cathode from the anode or vice versa to get the cell potential in order to tell if a salt bridge results in a spontaneous reaction. Though, perhaps it is best to mix in some other options besides studying, and thus we have nine other things you can do before a final exam.
  2. Watch a movie.
    Something that makes you laugh, loosen up a little. Perhaps inducing a bit of an existential crisis as you grapple with themes regarding mothers and daughters, especially when portrayed in asian families, such as the film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. Turn off your phone; not that it would matter, your phone is almost always dying by 7pm unless you have access to an outlet. Proceed to cry for ten minutes under a tree in Boston Commons surrounded by friends.
  3. Go for a swim.
    MIT has many recreational activities to take part in. And sure, you could swim in the Z center. Or, you could consider, swimming in the Boston Harbor after a movie. Well, I guess wading is more accurate. The high tide causes the water to overflow onto the sidewalk– enough to tempt four college undergraduates to take off their shoes and socks and walk in the water. One senior jumps into the icy depths. Realize slowly but surely that telling this story to your friends may perhaps result in them calling you a hipster again.
  4. Go star gazing.
    Look up every now and then. Before wading in the Boston Harbor, look up at the moon. Then, later, look up and notice the moon looks bigger. And then notice that the moon is gone. And then the moon is red. Proceed to think that you and your friends are all on a group high somehow, before realizing hours later that there are two astrological events happening that evening.
  5. Study some more.
    God forbid they ask you for the octahedral crystal field diagram and the tetrahedral, and you forget which electrons go on top and which go on bottom. Perhaps calculate your grade in the class so far and realize this exam doesn’t really matter. How many of them really do.
  6. Get coffee.
    See your friend climbing in a tree after their calculus exam, and invite them to join you for studying. They do, for a bit, on the fourth floor of building 2, until you get bored studying lecture notes and move to Blue Bottle. Proceed to order a chocolate chip cookie. When the barista, for some reason, cannot separate two cookies, watch them give you both. Prosper.
  7. Go on a stroll.
    Realize, after studying a bit more with this friend at the coffee shop, that you too want to climb a tree. Your friend mentions a lovely tree on the esplanade, so you pack up your bag and go on a two hour long walk. See adults roller blading, children feeding ducks, people kayaking, all in the middle of a weekday, causing a slight existential crisis. Then, end up at the tree, perfect for climbing , not too tall. Sit in the tree reading more lecture notes, watching time tick by.
  8. Get some more coffee.
    You can never have enough, and Flour closes at 6pm. Study some more while you’re at it. See two seniors fawning over a yearbook, and solemnly say goodbye to one another. One is going to the west coast for college. Another is staying near MIT. They hug, promising to talk. I hope they do.
  9. Watch a relaxing video.
    After being unable to sleep all night, remember there is a 3b1b video you’ve been meaning to watch for a while. Go on a walk to get, some more coffee and lightly study before the exam, but first watch the YouTube video. Remember how amazing calculus can be seen visually. Realize that there are people who get coffee in the morning– truly an insane sight.
  10. Stress a little less.
    Do something you enjoy. Write 800 words on the many things you’ve done over the last few days. Remember that you have to finish packing but that’s for future you to worry about. Realize you wish you spent spring break writing letters to seniors who are leaving. Schedule goodbyes to those you least want to say goodbye to. Hug them, and promise to talk. I hope we do.

Then, if you manage to do all of the above, continue to study for your exam. A little more can’t hurt.

Published by Paige Bright

Hi- my name is Paige Alexandria Bright. I am a rising junior at MIT interested in mathematics and philosophy. I have been writing this blog since the beginning of COVID. Lets see where this goes.

3 thoughts on “048. 10 Things to do During Finals Week

  1. Perhaps I should get a job at Buzzfeed » you already have a job at the tech, that’s kinda the same

    damn i should watch EEAAO

    swimming in the Boston Harbor after a movie » this is a Bad Idea

    How many of them really do » damn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooof @ the tech lol. Time to make my tech articles just pure top ten lists and things you WONT believe

      EEAAO is so brilliant I am trying to convince my mom to go when I fly back home

      It was Such a good idea I cannot convey to you how good it was



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